Exploring the Future: Coindot’s Thrilling Partnership with MetaTower in the Metaverse

In this age of rapid technological advancement, the thirst for knowledge among people of all ages, is insatiable. The digital realm, especially the metaverse, has captured the imaginations of many. Today, we’re excited to delve into a groundbreaking partnership that promises to reshape the metaverse landscape as we know it. Coindot, a peer-to-peer charity crowdfunding […]

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Donate: Mikołaj – Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

Mikołaj is an extremely charming and smiling boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.This neurological disease has left Mikołaj unable to move or speak and all activities are extremely difficult for him. Mikołaj is a real fighter who shows us that determination and strength of spirit can overcome any obstacle. Daily and intensive rehabilitation […]

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Crypto Community: Supporting Charity with Coindot

Cryptocurrencies have long been more than just an investment tool. Thanks to the innovations of the cryptocurrency community, they can now also be used to support charitable causes. In this article, we will learn how the cryptocurrency community is joining forces to help those in need using the Coindot.org platform. What is Coindot? Coindot.org is […]

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