CoinDot Timeline


The idea to create a charity project based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies was conceived in 2021.

2022 | Q1
We have begun work on the project. Created an MVP and continued to create WhitePaper and tokenomics.
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2022 | Q2
For the first time, we showed up at CryptoVerse in Warsaw, where we acquired our first partners.
2022 | Q3 & Q4
Due to the beginning of geopolitical problems in Europe, we decided to stop promoting CoinDot during the war in Ukraine. It was not an easy decision, but we were not ready to promote in the face of someone else's harm. Although this is what this project was created for.
2023 | Q1
We created social channels and slowly began to gather a community around CoinDot. We created a lot of content so that everyone could read how the project would work.
2023 | Q2
We focused on creating partnerships. The change in market sentiment resulted in the need for changes before the project was launched.
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2023 | Q3

We have changed the project team.
Changed the logo.
Started registration procedures for the Joint Stock Company.
Moved away from tokenization in favor of creating an investment NFT.
Redesigned the project website.
We changed the technology of our MVP.
Acquired technology partners to implement smart contracts, security, financial flow.

2023 | Q4

In consultation with Next Block Expo, we have begun preparations for NBX Berlin (December 2023), for the official launch and first charity collection, right at the event.

2024 | Q2 | Fundraising
We will start fundraising for the development of the project.
2024 | Q2 | PR and Marketing
35% of the funds raised will be donated to marketing, education and branding campaigns.
55% of the funds raised will be allocated to the platform's technological development.
10% will be blocked in the smart contract for 6 months as a financial reserve.
2024 | Q3 | Platform Beta Version
The CoinDot platform will begin beta testing. The community centered around the project, will become beta testers.
2024 | Q4 | CoinDot Live
Starting a functional service. Launch of the first public collections
2025 | Q1 | DEX listing
The listing on DEX will begin after the launch of a completely working platform.