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Revolutionize the way you make donations.

Experience decentralization, interoperability and security
while collecting and donating.

Create and manage your donations.

Strengthen your community with custom actions,
activities and important goals.

Discover the CoinDot ecosystem

Unleash the power of decentralized donations with innovative solutions and unique tools.

Our goal is to provide an easy way to support financially those who experienced misfortune or make someone’s dreams come true.

We want to achieve it by providing the right tool for raising money – CoinDot,
an innovative online platform for creation and participation in fundraising.

Donate Platform

Use an intuitive platform and create collections for a given purpose.

NFT Wall Of Glory

Help actively and get unique CoinDot NFT limited emissions in precious.


We plan to introduce fundraisers in a virtual world in the future.

Telegram Channel

Stay in touch with our community and receive news.

FREE for Everyone

No matter what you desire

Setting up your own fundraiser will be free. We will charge you automatically only for small percentage payments for the maintenance of the project and further development. You have full freedom to set up your collection for any purpose, except for the points contained in the regulations.

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