Coindot is a platform for setting up donations for personal and charitable causes.


The Coindot platform will be designed for all individuals as well as associations or foundations.

The platform’s intuitiveness will allow users to set up collections quickly, while donors will be able to make easy and secure donations.

Using cryptocurrencies, we want to join the adoption of digital payments, secure users and their funds, using blockchain, remove borders and barriers in unbanked areas.

We want to help people around the world by donating a portion of our income to important charitable causes. We will also support other foundations, organize events, and collaborate with other entities to improve the quality of life and minimize the problems of people around the world.

Join us and be part of the coolest community we are creating. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a company or a foundation. Together we will create something great.

Charitable causes are always trending!

How It Works?

If you want to set up a fundraiser, you will have to register an account on the platform. The whole concept of the fundraiser will be child’s play, you will need a description of your need, a photo and a creative presentation of why your fundraiser is to be subsidized.

The success of your collection will depend on:

Good authentic description 
Commitment to creating
Own promotion
Aesthetic photos
A real goal

Want to support fundraising?

Select the user or cause you want to support. Choose whether it will be a one-time donation or you want to help on a regular basis. Contribute any amount to the chosen cause.

You can be an official donor and be visible on the donor wall or an anonymous donor. It is already up to you.